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  • 29,50 € -15% 34,70 € In stock
    29,50 € -15% 34,70 € In stock

    Chondroprotective with hemp and krill to support joint health.

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    In stock
  • 22,90 € -5% 24,10 € In stock
    22,90 € -5% 24,10 € In stock

    Innovative formula based on nutrients of plasma origin and other nutrients that help with prolonged intestinal imbalances, helping a normal immune response and adequate recovery.

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    In stock
  • 12,71 € -15% 14,95 € In stock
    12,71 € -15% 14,95 € In stock

    These new pipettes have a formula based on exclusive plant extracts to repel mosquitoes, fleas and ticks, respecting the animal's health. It can be used in puppies from 2 months and animals from 800 gr.

    Reduced price!
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  • 6,00 € In stock
    6,00 € In stock

    GastroProtect is a nutritional supplement that helps to protect and repair the gastric mucosa through a novel strategy, without affecting the pH, keeping optimal conditions for the digestion and absorption of nutrients. It contains natural ingredients that promote the repairing of gastric lesions, alleviate pain and help to reduce inflammation.

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