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In Masdemascotas you can buy without leaving home the VetPlus products that your pet needs.

In Masdemascotas you can buy without leaving home the VetPlus products that your pet needs.

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  • 19,00 € In Stock
    19,00 € In Stock

    Dietary supplement that helps keep skin and coat healthy and in perfect condition.

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  • 56,10 € In Stock
    56,10 € In Stock

    Supplement of pancreatic enzymes with gastrointestinal cover for dogs and cats with exocrine pancreatic insufficiency, malabsorption problems and/or poor assimilation.

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  • 17,00 € In stock
    17,00 € In stock

    Fibor for dogs has a unique combination of ingredients including five different natural sources of fiber and kiwi to support the health of the digestive tract and promote digestion.

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  • 62,00 € In stock
    62,00 € In stock

    Nutritional supplement for the symptomatic treatment of chronic diarrhea secondary to intestinal pathologies of an inflammatory type. Prebiotic that provides nutrients for its use by the beneficial bacteria of the intestine, contributing to the correct balance of the intestinal flora and preventing the growth of pathogenic bacteria.

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  • 16,70 € In stock
    16,70 € In stock

    Calmex cat is a nutraceutical that contains a unique mixture of amino acids (tryptophan and L-theanine) and a vitamin B complex that promotes the relaxation of cats who have episodes of stress, anxiety or nervousness. Its formulation in palatable liquid makes it ideal for easy administration and is designed for long-term treatments.

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  • 10,50 € In Stock
    10,50 € In Stock

    Digestive disorders can be caused by something as simple as inadequate eating or changing diet or other serious problems, such as stress, bacterial infection or antibiotic treatment.

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  • 10,00 € In stock
    10,00 € In stock

    Calmex ® contains a unique blend of amino acids, piper methysticum and vitamin B complex, which helps relaxation in dogs suffering from anxiety or nervousness under stress conditions.

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  • 30,10 € In Stock
    30,10 € In Stock

    The liver plays an important role in many biological processes such as metabolic, detoxifying and storage functions. It has an excellent capacity for regeneration, although constant or accumulated damage can affect its functions.

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  • 24,30 € In Stock
    24,30 € In Stock

    Aktivait is a multivitamin supplement with antioxidants to mitigate the symptoms of brain aging in your cat.

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  • 66,90 € In Stock
    66,90 € In Stock

    Chronic cystitis and hematuria lead to loss of integrity of the mucosal barrier of the bladder resulting in an increase in its permeability, inflammation and dysuria. Canine Cystaid is an easy-to-administer dietary supplement, indicated for animals suffering from chronic cystitis and associated pathologies.

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  • 23,00 € In Stock
    23,00 € In Stock

    Nutritional supplement rich in triple purified Omega 3 fatty acids to keep your dog healthy and full of vitality. Specific product for dogs that promotes cardiovascular and kidney health.

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  • 29,90 € In Stock
    29,90 € In Stock

    Highly palatable nutritional supplement that helps improve the health of the urinary tract in dogs.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 17 items