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  • 10,30 € In Stock
    10,30 € In Stock

    Gastric protection for your dog. Sucrose sulfate complex, with nonabsorbable aluminum hydroxide gel. One pulse for every 10 kg of weight. Very easy to administer.

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  • 13,31 € In stock
    13,31 € In stock

    Balm care. Antiseptic, healing, anti-inflammatory, vasodilator, toning, protective against ulcers and redness caused by the sun, sun protection and anti-free radicals, estrogen and deodorant and with decongestant properties. Lenitives (soothes, relaxes and soothes organic tissue) and regenerates the skin.

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  • 14,70 € In Stock
    14,70 € In Stock

    A radical change in the professional treatment of wounds and skin infections. With Hypoclorine over 80% of non-surgical skin problems do not require an Elizabethan collar.

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  • 18,90 € In stock
    18,90 € In stock

    A radical change in the professional treatment of wounds and skin infections. With Vetericyn more than 80% of non-surgical skin problems do not need an Elizabethan collar.

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  • 34,00 € In Stock
    34,00 € In Stock

    Nutritional supplement based on hyaluronic acid, high purity enzymatically hydrolyzed collagen, gamma oryzanol, hydrolyzed glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate. It helps cartilage regeneration and increases its resistance and motility.

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  • 28,00 € In Stock
    28,00 € In Stock

    3M Vetbond - Tissue Glue Vetbond is a tissue adhesive for veterinary use. Easy to apply, polymerized in seconds, quickly and effectively achieving the union of the fabric edges. Attrition after healing, it does not need to retire.

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  • 9,00 € In Stock
    9,00 € In Stock

    Lagrinet® Neo is recommended for lacrimal hyposecretion leading to dry eyes and for ocular maintenance.

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  • 5,60 € In stock. Relax!
    5,60 € In stock. Relax!

    Calmatonine for stress situations: tranquilizing, relaxing, natural anxiolytic.

    In stock. Relax!
  • 15,00 € Out of stock
    15,00 € Out of stock

    We make custom blends of Bach flowers for animals.Whether you know what flowers you want to include in the mix or if you need us to create a custom one for specific cases.

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  • 16,50 € In Stock
    16,50 € In Stock

    Environmental antiparasitic without pesticides or biocides. The ecological solution to fleas, lice and mites.

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  • 19,90 € In stock
    19,90 € In stock

    Veterinary ear formula, is a liquid, non-toxic, antimicrobial formula that works with the animal's immune system, to fight infection and accelerate the healing process of the ears in all types of animals. It can be used to moisten, clean and debride the ear without damaging healthy tissue.

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  • 7,90 € In stock
    7,90 € In stock

    Anima-Strath Thyme is a unique complementary food for pets, which facilitates breathing and improves the evolution of persistent colds and bronchitis that occur with a lot of cough.

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  • Dermovital shampoo
    Dermovital shampoo

    Anti-itch, soothing and hydrating shampoo formulated with 3 plant extract.

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    Dermo-CompleX 4 BIO oils

    This blend of natural organic vegetable oils are rich in Omega 3 fatty...

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    Mineral cream with tea tree oil

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    Natural toothpaste

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    Vital Heart

    This food supplement helps to optimize the metabolism of the heart and...

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  • Lypex

    Supplement of pancreatic enzymes with gastrointestinal cover for dogs...

    56,10 €

    It helps mobility in a healthy way. Alternative BioMedicine from HEEL...

    29,99 €
  • Artidual
    Artidual tablets

    Chondroprotective based on enzymatically hydrolyzed Collagen of high...

    30,40 €
  • Oleoderm

    Oleoderm® is a complementary food based on polyunsaturated essential...

    19,70 €

    Nutritional supplement based on quercetin, tras-resveratrol, folic acid,...

    14,50 €
  • Condrovet Taste
    Condrovet Taste

    Condrovet Taste is a specific use food recommended for animals with...

    41,30 €
  • Proglycan

    Proglycan is a complementary food for dogs based on glucosamine,...

    38,80 €
  • Optixcare Eye Lube + Hyaluron
    Optixcare Eye Lube + Hyaluron

    Optixcare® Eye Lube Plus helps provide lubrication to promote and...

    18,00 €
  • Otoclean

    Otoclean contains keratolytic, cerumenolytic, emollient, sanitizing and...

    17,70 €
  • Cohesive bandage 10 cm x 4.5 m
    Cohesive bandage 10 cm x 4.5 m

    Cohesive elastic bandage in various colors. Self-adhesive, flexible and...

    3,00 €