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  • 21,00 € In Stock
    21,00 € In Stock

    Ekyflex flash is an appetizing gel with apple flavor. It is used for the relief of the locomotor system (front limbs and hind legs) and the spine (cervical, back, lumbar, pelvis).

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  • 13,75 € In Stock
    13,75 € In Stock

    Gel specially formulated for horses prone to gastric ulcers. After administration, the gel upholsters the gastric wall and releases 3 active ingredients that help protect it and promote healing. Do not dopant.

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  • 98,00 € In Stock
    98,00 € In Stock

    Very appealing nutritional supplement and composed of vegetable and clay extracts, specially formulated to allow a soothing action on the stomach, protective action of the stomach walls, creating a gastric dressing that promotes healing, reducing action of gastric acid production.

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  • 62,00 € In Stock
    62,00 € In Stock

    Complementary food specially formulated for the health of the horse's foot, skin and legs.

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  • 34,50 € In Stock
    34,50 € In Stock

    Complementary food for horses treated by digestive cramps. It acts on the alterations of the organism, caused by colic and helps the horse to recover more quickly: mild laxative action, calming action, stabilization of the intestinal flora, rehydration and fortifying action of the heart muscle. Do not dopant.

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  • 29,50 € In Stock
    29,50 € In Stock

    Syrup indicated for the care of the respiratory tract of the horse, based on essential oils and vegetable dyes. This product is aimed at maintaining good respiratory health.

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  • 7,50 € In Stock
    7,50 € In Stock

    Fortifying and restorative for all animal species. Anima Strath is a 100% natural food supplement based on yeast and a selection of plants. Yeasts contain a significant amount of nutrients released into the environment by a process of plasmolysis, favoring that natural substances can be absorbed by the body.

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  • 38,00 € In Stock
    38,00 € In Stock

    Promotes the elimination of toxins by stimulating the functioning of the kidneys and liver of the horse.

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  • 9,00 € In Stock
    9,00 € In Stock

    Lagrinet® Neo is recommended for lacrimal hyposecretion leading to dry eyes and for ocular maintenance.

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  • 11,70 € In Stock
    11,70 € In Stock

    100% natural food supplement based on brewer's yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae). It is used as fortifying and restorative. Thanks to a process called plasmolysis, the cellular content of the yeast is available for direct assimilation by the organism. Therefore, Anima-Strath® provides a multitude of nutrients in a natural and balanced way.

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  • 34,00 € In Stock
    34,00 € In Stock

    Nutritional supplement based on hyaluronic acid, high purity enzymatically hydrolyzed collagen, gamma oryzanol, hydrolyzed glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate. It helps cartilage regeneration and increases its resistance and motility.

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  • 91,00 € In stock
    91,00 € In stock

    Formulation richer in amino acids with assured assimilation. This formula contributes to protein synthesis and, therefore, to the muscular development of your horse.

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