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In Masdemascotas you can buy without leaving home the Virbac products that your pet needs.

In Masdemascotas you can buy without leaving home the Virbac products that your pet needs.

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  • 23,00 € Out of stock
    23,00 € Out of stock

    Pyoderm is a shampoo for cats and dogs that deeply cleanses the skin (neutral pH), providing optimal hydration of the epidermis and antiseptic action. It contributes to the maintenance and restoration of the superficial hydrolipidic film.

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  • 17,90 € In stock
    17,90 € In stock

    Shampoo of frequent use to clean, moisturize and maintain a microbial balance in animals with dry and / or sensitive skin. Suitable for use in dogs and cats, both adults and puppies.

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  • 7,10 € In stock
    7,10 € In stock

    Chewable sheets against tartar and bad breath VEGGIEDENT FR3SH. 100% vegetable snack against the formation of dental plaque and tartar in dogs.

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  • 19,90 € In stock
    19,90 € In stock

    Anxitane is a nutritional supplement in the form of palatable tablets based on the natural concentrate of green tea, the main source of L-theanine, which helps maintain calm and relaxation in dogs and cats.

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  • 21,30 € In stock
    21,30 € In stock

    Easy to apply skin repair. Complement to the treatment of dermatosis in dogs and cats. Indicated for the care of skin and hair.

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  • 22,60 € In stock
    22,60 € In stock

    Nutribound is a liquid suspension for dogs and cats that favors the early and gradual feedback of the convalescent animal, helping in periods of high nutritional compromise.

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  • 15,90 € In stock
    15,90 € In stock

    High energy nutritional supplement, which can be administered to animals in convalescence postoperatively or during disease to counteract loss of appetite; in deficiency states; development of young animals, and in periods of prolonged effort, as well as pregnant or lactating females.

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  • 9,50 € In Stock
    9,50 € In Stock

    Otic cleaner in solution for regular ear hygiene for cats and dogs. It is an atrial physiological cleanser with anti-odor technology, it allows to eliminate excess odor, remove excess earwax and exudates from the atrial canal and keep the ears clean, healthy and free of pathogens.

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  • 18,00 € In Stock
    18,00 € In Stock

    Clean, calm and combat the bad smell of ears with EpiOtic. Optimal tolerance ear cleaner designed for cleaning the ears of dogs, cats, puppies or kittens.

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Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items