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  • 22,10 € In Stock
    22,10 € In Stock

    For normal and delicate skin prone to skin changes, clean and repair without rinsing. For frequent use. Essential Mousse is the first cleaning treatment based on 100% natural extracts, which includes essential oils and polyunsaturated fatty acids, in addition to Cucurbitin, a soothing agent. Essen

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  • 18,50 € In stock
    18,50 € In stock

    Accelerator of skin repair for altered skin. Regenerator of wounds. Topical dermatological care composed of 100% natural active ingredients for the management of non-infected wounds in dogs and cats: irritations, superficial injuries, burns, etc.

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  • 26,90 € In Stock
    26,90 € In Stock

    Purifying spot-on to improve the control of skin infections.

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  • 20,60 € In Stock
    20,60 € In Stock

    Composed of soy and palm oils enriched with essential oils of cayeputi and soothing and healing agents. Repair and protect the pads of the legs. Avoid and treat calluses and hyperkeratosis of the muzzle due to its emollient effect. It offers an immediate calming effect to relieve pain and congestion.

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items