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It prevents the massive fall of fur, favoring its strong and shiny growth.

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It prevents the massive fall of fur, favoring its strong and shiny growth.

Seasonal hair change is a physiological process in animals that usually occurs twice a year. It is triggered by the change in daily light hours.
The climate is what determines the start and development of the molting process, but who influences the amount of hair that will be thrown is the general state of health and nutrition of the animal.

Observing an opaque coat, with constant scratching and excessive loss of it, may indicate that the pet is not receiving enough of essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals in its intake to maintain healthy, strong and shiny hair. .

95% of dogs and cats, regardless of age or breed, molt at least twice a year (in winter and summer). This seasonal coat change cannot be avoided, but by keeping the pet healthy and with adequate vitamin requirements, the invasion of animal hair can be minimized throughout the house: clothing, lingerie, furniture ...

That is why Konig developed MUDD, a nutritional supplement indicated to modulate the molting process.

Mudd is made from essential fatty acids, B vitamins, amino acids and minerals.

Of all these components, there are three that are very important in regulating the molting process: Ω 3 fatty acids and gamma linolenic acid, zinc and biotin.

The fatty acid balance contained in mudd decreases the endogenous production of PGD2. This prostaglandin is involved in the activation of the telogen phase, causing hair loss.

Zinc contributes to the maintenance of hair, nails and foot pads in normal conditions.

Biotin helps strengthen the skin. It avoids the massive fall of fur, favoring a strong and shiny growth.


  • Helps reduce brittleness, dryness and hair loss, as well as constant scratching.
  • Provides the coat with strength, shine, softness, flexibility and resistance. Promote their growth.
  • Restores hair damage and reduces the length of the shedding.
  • Increases the strength of the coat against infestations by tick fleas, mites or lice.


  • For all types of dogs and cats, in cases of excessive shedding of the coat.
  • It is also useful in the following cases:
    • Dry and sensitive skin, allergies, dry and fragile hair.
    • In the recovery of the coat during the convalescence of a disease.
    • In bitches and cats in the gestation or lactation process.

It is recommended for use in animals prone to excessive hair loss during molting seasons and / or with alterations of the coat, skin or nails.

Administration: orally, directly into the animal's mouth or emptying the content of the capsule in the food.


  • Dogs or cats of less than 10 kg: 1 capsule / day.
  • Dogs from 10 to 20 kg: 2 capsules / day.
  • Dogs over 30 kg: 3 capsules / day.

Format: container of 30 capsules and 90 capsules.

Manufacturer: KÖNIG


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Mudd caps

Mudd caps

It prevents the massive fall of fur, favoring its strong and shiny growth.

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