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It provides an easy and effective answer to the problem of scratching cats in different parts of the house. Contains a synthetic copy of the special pheromone known as the feline interdigital semiochemical.

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When cats mark with scratches, their legs secrete the feline interdigital pheromone (F.I.S). FeliScratch is an active solution containing a synthetic replica of this pheromone that encourages the cat to mark the specific area that gives off. Thus, when applying FeliScratch on the scraper, it is possible to redirect the scratches to avoid that they are destined to the furniture. The efficacy of FeliScratch is clinically proven; Not only reduces marking behavior, but significantly increases the tolerance of the jack to the wiper blade.

The FeliScratch solution also contains mint for cats and a blue color that catches the attention of the cat to discover the pheromone. Once you discover the feline interdigital pheromone, you will feel the instinct to mark that same area of ​​the scraper on which you have applied the contents of Feliway FeliScratch pipettes.

Studies have determined that the results of FeliScratch can be seen after one week. In addition to avoiding scratch marking, you can use FeliScratch for your cat to accept and get used to a new scraper.

Characteristics of FeliScratch, from Feliway:

Synthetic replica of interdigital feline pheromone secreted by cats when scratched; For the prevention of marking with scratches on the furniture of your home
It directs the scratches towards scraper where the pipettes are applied, since the cat perceives the pheromone and feels the instinct to re-mark that zone
Clinically proven can decrease or eliminate scratch mark behavior:
In homes with several cats that mark the territory: to prevent cats from marking the classic areas of passage of other cats: doors, carpets, walls, curtains, cushions and furniture
Insecure or afraid cats that may be triggered by changes or stress
Preventive effect: they avoid the habit of marking that develop the cats or the kittens when they undergo an adaptation phase
Increases acceptance of new scraper and encourages use
Help more than:
8 out of 10 cats with marking behavior
9 out of 10 cats arriving at a new home; Prevents marking with scratches
Triple effect:
1. Composed of a synthetic replica of the interdigital feline pheromone (F.I.S.): the cat feels the instinct to mark the zone that detaches the pheromone
2. With mint for cats (0.1%): catches the attention of the cat and makes it focus on the scraper
3. Blue coloration: it mimics the scratches of marking and makes the cat can discover the pheromone
Compatible with all other products tested in the range: Feliway diffuser and Feliway spray
Studies have shown an improvement in the marking habit after only one week
Suitable for sisal or cardboard scrapers
1 5 ml pipette per application
Contents: 9 5 ml pipettes (up to 4 weeks duration)

FELIWAY® FELISCRATCH pipettes leave the application area blue. This coloring is one of the 3 elements that catch the attention of the cat and encourage him to mark the scraper. Thanks to the bluish color, the cat discovers the pheromone of FeliScratch more easily. The blue coloration is not intense, although it is seen in the scraper.
Analogue of feline interdigital pheromone (F.I.S.) 0.5%
Other components (among others, 0.1% mint for cats (Nepeta cataria)) q.s. 5 ml.

Contains blue coloring.
Avoid contact with fabrics, furniture or carpets, place the scraper on an old newspaper or in the sink before applying the product.

1. Remove one of the pipettes from the package and cut with a scissor the top
2. Place the scraper horizontally on the sink or on an old newspaper and slowly draw 2 to 3 lines of about 30 cm in length, at a height accessible to the cat. Allow the marks to dry for 15 minutes
3. Place the scraper, preferably in the place that marks the cat or where it usually rests.
Do not apply the product on the cat.

Duration of each application:
During the first week of application (7 days) a pipette is applied daily on the scraper in the manner described above. Then, apply another pipette at the beginning of the third week and another at the beginning of the fourth week.
In case of stressful situations or changes, this process of 4 weeks can be repeated.

For the adaptation of cats and kittens it is advisable to have at least one scraper for each and apply FeliScratch in each of them for 4 weeks. To make the home adaptation of a new cat or kitten calmer, it also uses the Feliway® Classic diffuser.
If after 2 weeks there is no improvement with respect to the marking, use also the Feliway Classic spray, apply it once a day on the places marked (sofa, curtains, carpets ...)


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It provides an easy and effective answer to the problem of scratching cats in different parts of the house. Contains a synthetic copy of the special pheromone known as the feline interdigital semiochemical.