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  • 19,99 € In Stock
    19,99 € In Stock

    Dog ear cleaner to prevent otitis and other ear problems. Ideal for the hygiene and care of the external ear canal of dogs and cats, keeping it free from accumulations of dirt, wax and secretions. Packaged in 16 x 5ml individual bottles to reduce cross infection

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  • 18,69 € In Stock
    18,69 € In Stock

    DescriptionAn aqueous, antiseptic, alcohol-free and non-irritating ear cleanser. UsesEpi-Otic is an antiseptic, antifungal and ceruminolytic ear cleanser designed to remove crusts, dirt and scales and to dry the ear canal. Incorporation of the active ingredients into Spherulites* provides sustained release following application. Chitosanide has a f

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  • 11,99 € In Stock
    11,99 € In Stock

    Cleanural is a specially formulated solution for the routine cleaning and removal of accumulated wax and debris from the sensitive ears of dogs. Formulated with gentle solvents, designed to rapidly soften and dissolve accumulated wax and debris without destroying the natural oils in the ear canal. It also contains extra moisturisers to protect

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  • 9,99 € In Stock
    9,99 € In Stock

    Auricular cleaner for dogs and cats to achieve a clear, sane and non olorous ears.

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  • 20,00 € In Stock
    20,00 € In Stock

    Unique topical product specially indicated to eliminate animal superficial alergens, that produce alergic reactions in persons. Easy to apply, only once a week

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  • 13,99 € In Stock
    13,99 € In Stock

    Ear cleaner with caledula for dogs and cats. Specially design to clean external ear chanel, to avoid otitis.

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  • 14,99 € In Stock
    14,99 € In Stock

    Specially formulated from proteins and poly-unsaturated essential fatty acids, Dermocanis Allergie Shampoo helps to control cutaneous symptoms of canine allergies such as eczemateous and inflammatory conditions. Presentation Dermocanis Allergie Shampoo supplies the dog's skin with GLA (gamma-linbolenic acid) which regulates th

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  • 15,50 € In Stock
    15,50 € In Stock

    Medicated shampoo that aids in the treatmentof cutaneous infections.3% Chlorhexidine Gluconate formulation hasproven in vitro and in vivo activity againstStaphylococcus intermedius, Malassezia pachydermatis,as well as in vitro activity against Pseudomonas spp.Chitosanide in Pyoderm® S has been shownto promote healing and hydration of the skin.

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  • 15,00 € In Stock
    15,00 € In Stock

    Specially formulated shampoo for an optimum control of altered odor and scalling present in canine seborrhoeic skin. Presentation The suitable combination of the active ingredients of Dermocanis S Shampoo, allows an efficacious control of seborrhoeic skin in dogs, thus removing abnormal odor and scaling without irritating nor drying the sk

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  • 9,99 € In Stock
    9,99 € In Stock

    Specially design ear cleaner for cats, with pH adapted to this pets. it can be used in combination with antibiotics.

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  • 8,99 € In Stock
    8,99 € In Stock

    Lubrithal eye gel is a carbomer lubricating fluid to aid in moisturising and maintaining the tear layer of the eye.   Most eye lubricators just add moisture to the cornea, this carbomer moisturiser retains moisture in the tear film for far longer.  Apply as required or as directed by your veterinary surgeon.

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  • 12,50 € In Stock
    12,50 € In Stock

    Neutrale shampoo is a conditioning shampoo designed to keep coats glossy and healthy. Its pH balanced skin moisturising formula will gently degrease and detangle hair leaving it shiny and silky soft to touch

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