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  • 30,10 € In Stock
    30,10 € In Stock

    Training aid for dogs. Bitter taste and smell work together to keep puppies and dogs from fur biting, hair chewing and furniture. Safe and non-irritating.

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  • 20,10 € In Stock
    20,10 € In Stock

    Dermocanis Sebocare is used for the hygiene and cleaning of dogs' skin to maintain physiological conditions, even for dogs with seborrheic dermatitis.

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  • 20,10 € In Stock
    20,10 € In Stock

    Dermocanis Piocure is a shampoo made specifically for the treatment of piordermatitis, pruritus and oily skin. Its formula is made from benzoyl peroxide, a potent antimicrobial agent that causes bacterial wall rupture. In addition to protecting, it is a cleansing and degreasing product that removes dirt from the skin and restores its natural properties.

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  • 19,70 € In Stock
    19,70 € In Stock

    The use of Dermocanis Alercure (now Dermocanis Atocare) is especially indicated for the hygiene and cleaning of the skin of dogs and cats to maintain the physiological conditions, even of animals with dermal problems of eczematous type treated clinically.

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  • 7,60 € In Stock
    7,60 € In Stock

    Calendula enriched ear cleaner for cats and dogs. Cleaning the external ear canal (ear canal) in dogs and cats, to avoid the appearance of otitis.

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  • 19,60 € In Stock
    19,60 € In Stock

    Clean, calm and combat the bad smell of ears with EpiOtic. Optimal tolerance ear cleaner designed for cleaning the ears of dogs, cats, puppies or kittens.

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  • 27,95 € In Stock
    27,95 € In Stock

    Specific dietary supplement to help liver function in the dog and cat. Protects hepatocytes from cell death and contributes to hepatocellular regeneration.

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  • 17,90 € In Stock
    17,90 € In Stock

    Chondroprotective dietary supplement specially formulated for large breed puppies subjected to situations that can deteriorate their joints or with a genetic predisposition to suffer from dysplasia.

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  • 20,75 € Out of stock
    20,75 € Out of stock

    Zoo-hepato is a complementary food for dogs and cats, rich in antioxidant and amino acids for animals with liver problems: acute or chronic liver diseases, elimination of liver toxins (antibiotics, corticosteroid chemotherapy ...) side effects of systemic antiparasitic treatments, degenerative and chronic diseases in general.

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  • 29,99 € In stock
    29,99 € In stock

    This Petkit feeder scale will allow you to regulate the amount of food you give your dog or cat which will help you improve your health by eating better. It is bacteriostatic, weighs and feeds precisely.

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  • 19,30 € In stock
    19,30 € In stock

    Krill oil, a small crustacean from the Antarctic, is high in omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants. The main advantage is that fatty acids are found in the form of phospholipids instead of triglycerides, as in fish oil, therefore being much more bioavailable. 100% natural oil, without enriching, with a faster and more effective action capacity.

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  • 21,40 € In Stock
    21,40 € In Stock

    It provides nutrients to optimize the function of the immune system.

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