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  • 30,10 € In Stock
    30,10 € In Stock

    Training aid for dogs. Bitter taste and smell work together to keep puppies and dogs from fur biting, hair chewing and furniture. Safe and non-irritating.

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  • 15,90 € In stock
    15,90 € In stock

    Calmex cat is a nutraceutical that contains a unique mixture of amino acids (tryptophan and L-theanine) and a vitamin B complex that promotes the relaxation of cats who have episodes of stress, anxiety or nervousness. Its formulation in palatable liquid makes it ideal for easy administration and is designed for long-term treatments.

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  • 23,60 € In stock
    23,60 € In stock

    Innovative and synergistic sterile solution that combines NAC and Tris-EDTA. Suitable for dogs and cats. High ionic strength as an effective support in the prevention of the formation of bacterial biofilms.

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  • 15,25 € Out of stock
    15,25 € Out of stock

    CBD oil is a complementary food for dogs and cats, without artificial additives, made of 100% natural hemp.

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  • 18,00 € In stock
    18,00 € In stock

    Soothing and relaxing dog collar based on the action of three natural essences: valerian, passionflower and chamomile oils.

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  • 15,70 € In Stock
    15,70 € In Stock

    Administer in situations such as changes in their environment, when they are going to remain alone, new members or animals in the family, lactation, weaning, travel, fireworks or whenever the animal's routine is altered.

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  • 15,00 € Out of stock
    15,00 € Out of stock

    We make custom blends of Bach flowers for animals.Whether you know what flowers you want to include in the mix or if you need us to create a custom one for specific cases.

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  • 9,80 € In stock
    9,80 € In stock

    Treatment of coprophagy. Product of the natural range of Stangest, based on plant extracts that gives an unpleasant taste and smell to the feces of dogs and cats.

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  • 15,30 € In stock
    15,30 € In stock

    Coming soon! Complementary feeding in syrup for dogs and cats. Contribute to the relaxation of your animal.

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  • 15,75 € In stock
    15,75 € In stock

    KalmAid is a food supplement, in liquid format, with constituents that help calm your dog's nerves in situations of stress and anxiety, for example, when you have to visit the veterinarian or when there are fireworks or firecrackers. It can also be used to handle long-term behaviors, such as deterioration of furniture, excessive barking.

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  • 10,90 € In stock
    10,90 € In stock

    Adaptil is the number 1 solution for behavioral problems in dogs around the world. Adaptil tablets is a natural and easy-to-use solution for reducing the signs of fear in dogs of any age that are stressed in specific situations such as noise from firecrackers, training sessions, trips, residences ... Help dogs to overcome stress situations by creating an...

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  • 21,30 € In stock
    21,30 € In stock

    Feliway is a synthetic copy of the feline pheromone, which is what cats use to mark their territory as a safe zone.

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