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  • 35,70 € In Stock
    35,70 € In Stock

    Nutrient-based formula that helps the normal function of the immune system.

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  • 15,50 € In stock
    15,50 € In stock

    This anti-plaque product is made up of a mixture of natural ingredients that, administered daily, helps to reduce dental plaque.

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  • 98,00 € In Stock
    98,00 € In Stock

    Very appealing nutritional supplement and composed of vegetable and clay extracts, specially formulated to allow a soothing action on the stomach, protective action of the stomach walls, creating a gastric dressing that promotes healing, reducing action of gastric acid production.

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  • 26,60 € In Stock
    26,60 € In Stock

    Impromune® is a complementary food recommended in dogs and cats to optimize the immune response, achieving greater efficiency in both innate and adaptive responses.

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  • 29,90 € In Stock
    29,90 € In Stock

    Highly palatable nutritional supplement that helps improve the health of the urinary tract in dogs.

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  • 22,90 € -5% 24,10 € In stock
    22,90 € -5% 24,10 € In stock

    Innovative formula based on nutrients of plasma origin and other nutrients that help with prolonged intestinal imbalances, helping a normal immune response and adequate recovery.

    Reduced price!
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  • 19,50 € In stock
    19,50 € In stock

    Chronicle Stangest. 100% natural product formulated for pets. It contains a mixture of hemp oil, omega 3 and medium chain triglycerides. Supplementary supplement for the treatment of chronic pain that provides key nutrients for dogs and cats, such as essential fatty acids, proteins and minerals, among others.

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  • 22,60 € In Stock
    22,60 € In Stock

    Natural anti-inflammatory for painful and inflammatory processes in cats and dogs. Baicalin-based food supplement for dogs and cats from a dry extract of Scutellaria baicalensis, Trans-Resveratrol from a dry extract of Polygonum cuspidatum and Boswellic acids from a dry extract of Boswellia serrata.

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  • 9,60 € In stock
    9,60 € In stock

    Daforte suspension is the fastest and most effective way to stop acute diarrhea in dogs and cats. Nutrients that help the intestinal system in dogs and cats. Totally natural.

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  • 26,00 € In stock
    26,00 € In stock

    Optixcare® L-Lysine Chews for cats and kittens are a nutritional supplement that treats and helps prevent feline herpes virus (FHV). Each chewable is formulated to contain 500 mg of L-lysine, which inhibits virus reproduction and improves your cat's immune system.

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  • 17,00 € In stock
    17,00 € In stock

    Fibor for dogs has a unique combination of ingredients including five different natural sources of fiber and kiwi to support the health of the digestive tract and promote digestion.

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  • 6,00 € In stock
    6,00 € In stock

    GastroProtect is a nutritional supplement that helps to protect and repair the gastric mucosa through a novel strategy, without affecting the pH, keeping optimal conditions for the digestion and absorption of nutrients. It contains natural ingredients that promote the repairing of gastric lesions, alleviate pain and help to reduce inflammation.

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