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  • 9,70 € In stock
    9,70 € In stock

    The active ingredients of Tusheel vet, food supplement in drops for dogs, help to soothe and soften the throat of our pets. Palatability tests guarantee ease of intake thanks to its chicken flavor. HEEL Bioregulatory Medicine: See PDF

    In stock
  • 19,50 € In stock
    19,50 € In stock

    Chronicle Stangest. 100% natural product formulated for pets. It contains a mixture of hemp oil, omega 3 and medium chain triglycerides. Supplementary supplement for the treatment of chronic pain that provides key nutrients for dogs and cats, such as essential fatty acids, proteins and minerals, among others.

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  • 26,90 € In stock
    26,90 € In stock

    Chondroprotector for dogs and cats with 8 active ingredients to support joint health. It provides key nutrients for collagen synthesis and helps reduce pain and inflammation.

    In stock
  • 15,20 € In Stock
    15,20 € In Stock

    Improves the assimilation of nutrients by promoting bioavailability. Beneficial in animals of any age, especially those of advanced age.

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  • 34,70 € In stock
    34,70 € In stock

    Chondroprotective with hemp and krill to support joint health.

    In stock
  • 8,90 € In stock
    8,90 € In stock

    VermiStop is indicated during the treatment and prevention of intestinal parasites of dogs and cats. It helps strengthen the physiological processes against parasites while creating a hostile environment to reduce the chances of infestation and activates natural physiological functions.

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  • 16,00 € In stock
    16,00 € In stock

    Mineral complex to support the immune system of dogs and cats. It incorporates the immune potency of β-glucans, mugwort, and brewer's yeast.

    In stock
  • 18,80 € In stock
    18,80 € In stock

    Contribution of antioxidants and specific nutrients for animals with neurological conditions.

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  • 24,45 € In stock
    24,45 € In stock

    Complementary food for dogs and cats with tributirine (butyrate triglyceride). Zoo-Butypets is a recommended postbiotic for dogs and cats with long-lasting intestinal disorders.

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  • 25,65 € In stock
    25,65 € In stock

    Help pets with cancer. Through its natural components it facilitates the elimination of carcinogens and toxins without damaging any organs, reducing the toxicity resulting from radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Reduces side effects such as constipation, nausea and vomiting. It improves immunity. It inhibits the metastasis process and reduces the risk of...

    In stock
  • 6,35 € In stock
    6,35 € In stock

    Food supplement for pets in order to stabilize the water and electrolyte balance. Help in the convalescence of the animal during the processes that occur with dehydration.

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  • 14,65 € In stock
    14,65 € In stock

    Balm care. Antiseptic, healing, anti-inflammatory, vasodilator, toning, protective against ulcers and redness caused by the sun, sun protection and anti-free radicals, estrogen and deodorant and with decongestant properties. Lenitives (soothes, relaxes and soothes organic tissue) and regenerates the skin.

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