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  • 15,50 € In stock
    15,50 € In stock

    Very high sun protection for cats and dogs. Innovative texture in the fast absorbing and waterproof. No white residue. Exclusive formula with Fernblock and 3 natural assets to protect the skin and neutralize and repair sun damage. Ideal for outdoor activities, short or white haired animals, scars and skin lesions.

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  • 9,50 € In stock
    9,50 € In stock

    With gentle active substances that calm and care for the skin, this ear wash is perfect for maintaining the cleanliness of the external ear and preventing possible inflammations.

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  • 9,00 € In stock
    9,00 € In stock

    The formulation of this cleanser is so gentle that it can be applied directly to the eye without damaging it or causing discomfort in our animal.

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  • 12,60 € In stock
    12,60 € In stock

    Dermatological complex with zinc, which is an essential trace element for animals. It intervenes in the formation of hair, skin and nails.

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  • 9,95 € In stock
    9,95 € In stock

    Nutritional supplement for dogs and cats of sardine oil 100% pure and with a high content of Omega 3 fatty acids (DHA-EPA). Specially designed to maintain healthy skin, shiny hair and a healthy immune system.

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  • 23,00 € Out of stock
    23,00 € Out of stock

    Pyoderm is a shampoo for cats and dogs that deeply cleanses the skin (neutral pH), providing optimal hydration of the epidermis and antiseptic action. It contributes to the maintenance and restoration of the superficial hydrolipidic film.

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  • 17,90 € In stock
    17,90 € In stock

    Shampoo of frequent use to clean, moisturize and maintain a microbial balance in animals with dry and / or sensitive skin. Suitable for use in dogs and cats, both adults and puppies.

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  • 7,85 € In stock
    7,85 € In stock

    Shampoo, based on Lavender and Neem, designed to repel biting insects such as the Leishmania mosquito or others that can cause discomfort or allergies to animals.

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  • 17,80 € In stock
    17,80 € In stock

    Otic antibacterial and antifungal solution for external use for regular hygiene of the auricle and of the external auditory canal and / or for ear cleaning prior to the application of a treatment in case of otitis externa.

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  • 9,00 € In Stock
    9,00 € In Stock

    Lagrinet® Neo is recommended for lacrimal hyposecretion leading to dry eyes and for ocular maintenance.

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  • 21,30 € In stock
    21,30 € In stock

    Easy to apply skin repair. Complement to the treatment of dermatosis in dogs and cats. Indicated for the care of skin and hair.

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  • 21,50 € In Stock
    21,50 € In Stock

    Aqueous, non-irritating otic solution with alkalizing, chelating and cleansing action for the care and maintenance of the physiological conditions of the ear (external auditory canal and atrial pavilion) for dogs and cats. It contains TrisEDTA. ABELIA TrisEDTA is a cleaner for the conservation and care of healthy ears in dogs and cats.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 83 items
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