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  • 24,30 € In Stock
    24,30 € In Stock

    Aktivait is a multivitamin supplement with antioxidants to mitigate the symptoms of brain aging in your cat.

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  • 29,90 € In Stock
    29,90 € In Stock

    Highly palatable nutritional supplement that helps improve the health of the urinary tract in dogs.

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  • 48,50 € In Stock
    48,50 € In Stock

    Condrovet FORCE HA is a veterinary product especially recommended for protecting dog and cat joints. Improved formula. The revolution in chondroprotection. Chondroitin sulfate, Glucosamine HCl, Hyaluronic acid, Native type II collagen. Indicated in case of degenerative processes of articular cartilage due to: advanced age, high exercise and overweight....

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  • 18,00 € Out of stock
    18,00 € Out of stock

    Optixcare® Eye Lube Plus helps provide lubrication to promote and maintain eye comfort.

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  • 19,00 € In Stock
    19,00 € In Stock

    Dietary supplement that helps keep skin and coat healthy and in perfect condition.

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  • 40,30 € In Stock
    40,30 € In Stock

    Synoquin EFA contains Dexahan, a unique source of Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs). Omega 3 EFAs are an excellent supplement to add to your pet's diet, since they have many health benefits and are frequently used for joint management.

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  • 10,30 € In Stock
    10,30 € In Stock

    Gastric protection for your dog. Sucrose sulfate complex, with nonabsorbable aluminum hydroxide gel. One pulse for every 10 kg of weight. Very easy to administer.

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  • 8,70 € In stock
    8,70 € In stock

    Antiparasitic pipettes with natural ingredients. Apply at the junction between the neck and back and at the base of the tail, separating the hair so that the liquid is in contact with the animal's skin.

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  • 6,20 € In stock
    6,20 € In stock

    PARASITAL® Anti-parasitic collar for dogs and cats based on repellent and insecticide-free essential oils provides complete tested protection against ticks, fleas, flies and even the mosquito that transmits leishmaniasis.

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  • 29,99 € In Stock
    29,99 € In Stock

    It helps mobility in a healthy way. Alternative BioMedicine from HEEL laboratories. Always innovating. Very evident improvement of arthritic signs. MOBEEL PDF

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  • 19,50 € In stock
    19,50 € In stock

    Chronicle Stangest. 100% natural product formulated for pets. It contains a mixture of hemp oil, omega 3 and medium chain triglycerides. Supplementary supplement for the treatment of chronic pain that provides key nutrients for dogs and cats, such as essential fatty acids, proteins and minerals, among others.

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  • 10,70 € In stock
    10,70 € In stock

    Lysinviral gel cats is a combination of L-Lysine, Enterococcues Faecium, Beta Glucans, Baicalin and Keracetin, with antiviral action, potentiates the immune system of cats and anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action.

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    Dermovital shampoo

    Anti-itch, soothing and hydrating shampoo formulated with 3 plant extract.

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  • Lypex

    Supplement of pancreatic enzymes with gastrointestinal cover for dogs...

    56,10 €

    It helps mobility in a healthy way. Alternative BioMedicine from HEEL...

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  • Artidual
    Artidual tablets

    Chondroprotective based on enzymatically hydrolyzed Collagen of high...

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  • Oleoderm

    Oleoderm® is a complementary food based on polyunsaturated essential...

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    Nutritional supplement based on quercetin, tras-resveratrol, folic acid,...

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  • Condrovet Taste
    Condrovet Taste

    Condrovet Taste is a specific use food recommended for animals with...

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    Proglycan is a complementary food for dogs based on glucosamine,...

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  • Optixcare Eye Lube + Hyaluron
    Optixcare Eye Lube + Hyaluron

    Optixcare® Eye Lube Plus helps provide lubrication to promote and...

    18,00 €
  • Otoclean

    Otoclean contains keratolytic, cerumenolytic, emollient, sanitizing and...

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  • Cohesive bandage 10 cm x 4.5 m
    Cohesive bandage 10 cm x 4.5 m

    Cohesive elastic bandage in various colors. Self-adhesive, flexible and...

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